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"The results were apparent immediately, my stomach is smoother and more toned and the AWT has reduced and sculpted my silhouette. I've never felt more sexy and confident - and that's after having two children!"*
Catherine Lucy Mahon, Macclesfield

"From the beginning of my treatment I have felt a steady, positive improvement in the texture and tone of my skin and also my circulation. I am really impressed with my inch loss and look forward to maintaining my new body! I enjoyed every aspect of my treatment and will definitely be recommending it to all my friends!"*
Carole L Davies. Didsbury, Manchester

"My experience with acoustic wave therapy exceeded my expectations; I lost 17.5 inches over ten sessions, which is a lot more than I have lost dieting or with normal exercising"*
Diane Taylor, Macclesfield

"Unbelievable inch loss. I am quite literally half the woman I used to be"*
Angela Simpson - Buxton

"Heather's formula is brilliant! With the water and the plate, AWT lost me 20 inches. I will continue with my top-ups to maintain my new, slimmer, sexier shape. Total inch loss 20" in 3 weeks."*
Paloma Zalba Moya- Madrid, Spain

"I have lost 24" in 10 days and it was definitely worth the trip. I am going home now to tell all my friends."*
A C - Prestbury

"Very pleased with the results! The tone and texture of my skin in the treated areas have been greatly improved, in addition to the inch loss. Many thanks"*
Amanda, N Derbyshire Age 49

"Total Inch Loss, 35' in 8 weeks!"*
Susan B - Derby

"I have reached an age when I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, the pounds could, or should I say would, pile on.

Once a week in a gym. and cutting out chips/cakes was not decreasing the size of my bottom or 36FF bust!

After six weeks, I have gone down a cup size and my whole body started to tone up. My skin texture and condition became smoother and more supple, but the best was yet to come…….

After 16 sessions I have lost an amazing 30 inches and from the areas I wanted it to disappear. Dieting never decreased my thighs or bust measurements.

I now swear by the treatment and return every month to maintain my shape. Most of all it gave me back the old me: comments have been flying in from people about what a good figure I have!

I never believed I could loose so much in four weeks, I could never of done this on my own. Heather gave me great advice - "it was better than a personal trainer I am amazed this could work for me"*
J H Glossop

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* Disclaimer

Please note, not all of our clients lose the same amount of weight and your experience may vary from the average.

However, 82% of patients said they were “happy” or “very happy” with their results from Acoustic Wave Therapy. Additionally 95% of practitioners who had treated 10 or more patients were very satisfied with AWT’s results. You can visit our testimonials page to read about specific cases.

Based on clinical experience to date, here's the feedback we've had so far: *

  • 25% of patients see an improvement by their fourth treatment session.
  • An additional 25% see noticeable improvement by their sixth session.
  • An additional 20% see improvement by the sixth week after treatment.
  • The remaining 30% with stage 4 cellulite may require an additional series of treatments to see substantial improvement.

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