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Franchising has been called a blueprint for success. We know from our own experience that we have a model which reduces risk and improves the chance for success. We show you how to replicate our existing business and avoid costly mistakes.

Franchising works for many different businesses, in essence it is a partnership, we will always be there to train, advise and help you grow. We can support you in all areas, but you make the day to day decisions about the management of your business. We only succeed when you succeed.

Helping your customers look their natural best will give you a great sense of satisfaction, which few jobs can match. We know from experience how a change in appearance can bring a significant benefit to an individual’s self esteem. Many of your clients will share with you how these treatments have improved their self esteem and they may become long term advocates of your business

We are looking for committed, mature partners who we can train and trust with our brand. Franchisees will operate a replica of our existing, successful business and will appreciate following a proven pattern.

Freedom, Independence and Choice

Freedom to be your own boss and benefit financially from your efforts. Franchising is about reducing your risk of setting up your own business by providing a proven business system with training and support. This is why the high street banks prefer to lend to franchisees. Surveys show that the majority of Franchisees are already trading profitably during their first and second years.

Independence to have a direct influence on your future prosperity. This is your business, it should grow in value over the years and you can sell it when you choose. Many people are attracted to having their own business and working for themselves, as this brings a level of independence and security which is not available in a normal job. Independence for many people may mean choosing how and when they work or having the simple freedom to collect the children from school

The choice to be directly involved in the delivery of the treatment or to employ and manage others to do it. This is your business and it should grow in value over the years and you can sell it whenever you choose.

Significant Earning Potential

The non-surgical cosmetic treatment market grew by 200% between 2005 & 2009 (source; Key Note report 2010) It grew throughout the recession and it is forecasted to grow even quicker as economic conditions improve.

Our aim is for franchisees to be generating earnings and profit in six figures in three years or earning a lower income than this but choosing to work fewer hours

Training and Support

Your initial training will be over a period of two weeks, based in Buxton, Derbyshire. You will shadow, observe and practice all of the areas of the treatments until you are confident with the procedures and with all elements of operating your business

We will spend time with you on-site during your first week of opening and as required beyond this, to ensure the smooth running of your business. We will continue to support you throughout your entire time as a franchisee. You will receive regular visits and meeting with the franchisee manager. In these meetings we will jointly examine ways to grow your business and attract new customers. We will introduce you to other franchisees, to share ideas, support each other and grow faster

Our success is dependent upon your success, so we will work with you through every stage….

So send for your franchisee package today

Franchise Opportunities

If you are interested in a franchise in the North West of England to supply acoustic wave therapy to your clients in an existing salon or as a new venture please contact:

Heather Robinson on 07540 763945

Complete packages or ones tailored to your needs together with full training are available upon request Prices from £24,500.

Finance packages are available upon request.

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The leading and most experienced inch-loss clinic in the North West

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

The Acoustic Wave Therapy™ is new to Britain. The machine was developed in Italy, where it was trialled for 3 years to ensure its’ absolute safety, whilst guaranteeing effective and lasting inch-loss.

To find out more about the safety of AWT click here – there is a lot of reading, but take the time to read the results: they are extensive, immense and exciting; so that you can be absolutely sure you won’t be harming your body whilst losing inches and removing cellulite.

Some of Our Testimonials...

"The results were apparent immediately, my stomach is smoother and more toned and the AWT has reduced and sculpted my silhouette. I've never felt more sexy and confident - and that's after having two children!" *

Catherine Lucy Mahon Macclesfield

"When I look back at my old photographs it’s like looking at my grandmother. I feel 20 years younger and I look it. My skin is now taught and more dense than before. My jaw line is defined and most of my wrinkles have disappeared." *

* Disclaimer

Please note, not all of our clients lose the same amount of weight and your experience may vary from the average.

However, 82% of patients said they were “happy” or “very happy” with their results from Acoustic Wave Therapy. Additionally 95% of practitioners who had treated 10 or more patients were very satisfied with AWT’s results. You can visit our testimonials page to read about specific cases.

Based on clinical experience to date, here's the feedback we've had so far: *

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