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The leading and most experienced inch-loss clinic in the North West

Some of Our Testimonials...

"The results were apparent immediately, my stomach is smoother and more toned and the AWT has reduced and sculpted my silhouette. I've never felt more sexy and confident - and that's after having two children!" *

Catherine Lucy MahonMacclesfield

"My experience with acoustic wave therapy exceeded my expectations; I lost 17.5 inches over ten sessions, which is a lot more than I have lost dieting or with normal exercising" *

* Disclaimer

Please note, not all of our clients lose the same amount of weight and your experience may vary from the average.

However, 82% of patients said they were “happy” or “very happy” with their results from Acoustic Wave Therapy. Additionally 95% of practitioners who had treated 10 or more patients were very satisfied with AWT’s results. You can visit our testimonials page to read about specific cases.

Based on clinical experience to date, here's the feedback we've had so far: *

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